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Covid-19 risk management challenges

Whatever the direct or indirect impact of the crisis on your organization, new risk management challenges are everywhere.  Organizations can grapple with them using some clever approaches. 

Client Problems - We fix them: Projects

Re-setting business strategy

Client challenges include...

  • How to properly calibrate the attention given to risk during the broader reset of business strategy

  • How to secure greater involvement of risk management specialists in strategy setting

  • How to design and implement the assessment, control and monitoring of risks to the drivers of the reset strategy 

Reset the way we manage risk

Client challenges include...

  • How to ensure risk management capability is more agile by design and in practice... and which changes to prioritise

  • How to improve understanding of risk management opportunity in the organisation

  • How to best reconfigure components of the risk management framework which have not worked well

Replanning the next 12 months

Client challenges include

  • How to deal with immediate pressures ("all hands to the pump") while ensuring the right prioritisation of risk management activity

  • How to consider medium and longer term risk matters and "plant seeds" now for those time periods

  • How to reset risk management goals and targets and set fresh milestones for monitoring progress 

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