The Risk Management Development Engine

You’ve got your maturity profiles with current and future state nicely benchmarked. You’ve got your competency frameworks all set too.  Just one problem – how do you get from here to there?


It’s not usually possible to simply start doing the things that are on the future state because if it was that easy, you’d be doing it already.

I’ve built a risk management development engine which provides some focus for understanding everything a second line risk function might want to do to have the impact on others it wants in order to bring about the broader progress it seeks.


As you might expect, it’s not focused on the risk management framework per se (although that does form part of it).  It’s about everything else you need to do too (technical and non-technical).

My experience has been that it sheds light on often under-recognised things which are important for success… things which risk functions need to get right for optimal impact.


Other consultants don’t seem to think like this so it’s unlikely you will have seen this type of approach to success before… and it might just be the thing you’ve been looking for as you plan your future activity and influence in the light of Covid-19.


I’d love to show you more about the engine and have a chat about how you could tune it for your own use.


If you drop me a line, I’ll share with you some outline material so you can decide if you’d like a conversation.