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You want more effective risk management in your organisation or you want your professional services practice to be more successful.

Take a look at the services we delivered to help clients resolve these challenges.


We are perhaps a little biased but we believe they included some of the most exciting new risk management services in the world and a great new strategy mapping service for the rapidly changing world of professional services firms.

We helped FTSE100, mid-size and smaller clients deal with their challenges by being smart about solving them.

Go on... scroll down, take a peek.


...examples of some of the magic we deliver for our clients

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Inside Out

Risk management customer experience

Our signature service for Chief Risk Officers and Heads of Risk! Tune what you do and how you go about it with your "customers". Who actually are your "customers", how are they different from each other and what does that mean for your actions and interactions with them? What do they think of you and how can you influence that in smarter ways? Combining insights from customer journeys, behavioural sciences, risk management planning and corporate communications, this experiential program stimulates new thinking for risk management functions - helping achieve better outcomes for everyone.

doing work together

Risk Transition & Agility

Reshaping capability to suit a changing business

You built a fit-for-purpose risk management capability in your organization. Now the organization has changed because the world is changing around it. Is your risk management capability agile enough? Which aspects of risk management effectiveness are most affected and what should you prioritise as a result? Our approach has been compared to the effectiveness interactions between technology (cars & kit), people (drivers & team) and application (tracks & weather) in Formula 1 motor racing. This is a sophisticated way to address changing risk management effectiveness and a great way to reset for the digital era!

Relative Risk Management

Unlocking irresolvable debates on the absolute

Cut through endless debates about absolute levels of risk and absolute levels of risk management effectiveness by using our smart approach to targeting and measuring progress. Whether it be as part of assessing risk in annual business planning or for improving risk management capability, our approach to focusing on deltas ensures tangible progress can be identified and delivered…regardless of the difficult-to-agree-on absolutes.

Laser Cutting

Risk Lasers for major change programs

Smarter risk management in and around projects and large programs

Whether it be digital transformation, cost reduction, post-merger integration, financial system upgrade or any other form of significant change program, the management of risk is important but often undertaken in a way which is... less than sophisticated.  Of our 5 principal risk lasers, only 2 tend to get attention automatically (and even those are often not that well addressed). We enjoy helping to modernise the management of risk in change programs with strong logic underpinning the approach.

People Risk

...because they matter

You know that behaviour is important. You know that there are proven ways to influence behaviour and the risks around it. You even know that it is a well-established risk category. So how come there is so much opportunity to make progress? We think the solution is all about bridging and our people risk proposition stems from this concept. We like to help clients bring relevant capability together to manage people risk in a more inspiring way.

hand motions
Person Checking Data

Risk Analytics and Data Strength

The risk information supply chain

Think of your risk information flows as a supply chain.  You might have data quality, model validation and data sourcing tight but what about other components of the chain? The art of reporting, the science of actions arising from the reports, the initial identification of what information would be good to gather? We get excited when helping clients see the value in addressing the whole "blockchain" as it can spark some strategically-significant breakthrough activity!

Risk Management Formations

...because it's time we had clarity

Generic approaches to describing accountability for risk management can be useful but can also let you down when it comes to discussions about bonuses and responsibility to others.  Backwards compatible with 3 Lines of Defence language (which regulators typically need), Risk Management Formations provides a much more flexible and precise way to be clear on who is actually responsible for what.  We love this!

Ice Hockey Game
Upward Curve

Professional Services Business TrajectoryTool

Making it happen

The days of banking on "automatic" growth in professional services are disappearing fast. Using our experience of successful strategy mapping and implementation, we have developed a tool to help professional services clients be confident in their growth plans. It's amazing how this proven approach leads to smart action.

Post Crisis Services

...risk management implications of Covid-19

There is a dedicated section or our website for dealing with the risk management implications of the virus crisis .

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Fruit & Vegetable Market

What else do we do?

...the things you might expect

In addition to our exciting new services listed above, we also offer a whole range of more conventional services which continue to be in demand from clients. These encompass principal risk reporting, emerging risk assessment, risk governance, strategic risk assessment, operational risk and control, strategy mapping, key client account management, risk technology, risk culture, enterprise risk management frameworks, coaching and a whole host of other services.

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